a) Online via this link:
Select project: other
Project name: DEEPAM, Children With Special Needs


b) Via personal cheque to:

All cheques must be payable to AUROVILLE FOUNDATION.

You can send cheques to the address below, and kindly inform us by email:

Auroville Unity Fund, Town Hall, Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, India

Please mention as purpose DEEPAM and add your own address.


c) Via swift code transfer from your bank:

Please ensure that the beneficiary name in all circumstances is listed as AUROVILLE FOUNDATION.
SWIFT Code:                                 SBININBB104
IFSC:                                               SBIN0000691
Bank Name:                                  State Bank of India
Branch Code:                               000691
A/C Holder Name:                       AUROVILLE FOUNDATION
A/c Number:                                40106120526
Beneficiary:                                  AUROVILLE FOUNDATION
Purpose:                                       DEEPAM


A/C Holder Postal Address:       Auroville Foundation
                                                         Auroville 605101
                                                         Tamil Nadu, India


Bank Postal address:               FCRA Cell

                                                      State Bank of India     

                                                      New Delhi Main Branch       

                                                      11 Sansad Marg              

                                                      New Delhi 110 001                                               

                                                      Bank Phone No. :011-23374050 


d) Via Auroville International Centers:

Many countries have an Auroville International (AVI) organization that can channel the funds to Auroville and issue a tax receipt. You can find a list of AVI Centers here