Outings and field-trips

Outings & field tripsOur children come from poor families and they are usually not taken out. Once a year we have a full day outing when we rent a big bus and leave in the early morning. This event is usually well planned and organised. In the wee hours of the morning some of our team members come to Deepam to prepare delicious lemon or tamarind rice for a picnic lunch. Our children are very happy, well dressed and well behaved. All our team members and our volunteers participate. It’s a cheerful event with lots of laughter. This year the bus was vibrating from the drumming and singing of our children and team members – some were dancing in the aisle until they were completely exhausted.

Also we regularly do field trips to visit other projects in Auroville, go to the big playground, to the forest, to the beach or even for an ice cream.