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 INTERNATIONAL: a) Online via this link: project: otherProject name: DEEPAM, Children With Special Needs   b) Via personal cheque to: All cheques must be payable to AUROVILLE FOUNDATION. You can send cheques to the address below, and kindly inform us by email: Auroville Unity Fund, Town Hall, Auroville 605101, Tamil Nadu, India Please mention […]

After my studies I wanted to go out in the world. A year of voluntary work with the Weltwärts- Programme felt like just the right thing to do. At Deepam I felt welcomed by the children and the team from the very first moment. I loved my work so much that I extended my stay […]

Mareike Nach dem Studium war für mich klar. Ich muss erst mal raus. Und das Weltwärts-Jahr in Deepam war da genau das Richtige für mich. Von Anfang an habe ich mich willkommen gefühlt – von den Kindern sowohl als vom Team. Es hat mir so gut dort gefallen, dass ich sogar um 3 Monate verlängert […]