After my studies I wanted to go out in the world. A year of voluntary work with the Weltwärts- Programme felt like just the right thing to do. At Deepam I felt welcomed by the children and the team from the very first moment. I loved my work so much that I extended my stay for another three months.
My focus was on doing handicrafts with the children and youth. I introduced stitching with needle and thread and also worked a lot with the foot-pedal-saw which was a brand-new addition at Deepam while I was there.
Whenever I come back to Deepam I observe positive changes. It is wonderful to see how the children and the team-members unfold and develop new ideas. 2016 I was especially impressed how Cathy and Babu had expanded the training of crafts. With their visible joy and patience and all their ideas they strengthened the creativity and the maturity of the children.
With joy I followed how much Gopal and Joyce were teaching the children Eurythmie and dance, in a very unique way. Despite the heavy rains they arranged a most beautiful programme for the Deepam celebration of light.
Whenever I come back to India I especially look forward to visiting Deepam. Surely this was not my last time to be here!