Deepam is entirely funded by donations.
We would like to thank all our donors whole heartedly for their continuous support which makes our work possible and has tremendously encouraged us to grow. We feel carried by all of you!


Thank you for your support for Deepam!

Some friends have supported us with their regular donations for many years. Others celebrated their birthdays or other occasions and have collected money for our project instead of gifts. Several schools and “One World Shops” have organized special events to collect funds for Deepam. Few organizations, associations and businesses are continuously supporting Deepam. In Germany, there is a circle of friends actively involved in helping to raise funds for Deepam. We feel deeply touched by all these initiatives. Kindly excuse us for not mentioning all your names here, as surely we would forget somebody.
Usually we keep in touch with our regular donors and friends, and report to them through our bi-yearly information letters.



Two questions frequently asked:

  • Are donations for projects still required since India has become a rich economy?
    Funds from foreign countries are certainly still needed. India is vast country with a huge population and faces many challenges on all levels. Unfortunately, wealth is not distributed equally. The middle class has benefited the most from the economic growth in the past years. Yet, the majority of the population is poor and has been rather left out. In this region, many people live below the poverty line, have a lot of debts and pay outrageous interest rates to money lenders. There are private organizations, NGOs and other groups who raise foreign donations for social projects all over India which help to relieve the extreme strain on the poor population.


  • Is the Indian government helping?
    The Indian Government runs many hospitals, schools and hostels, where the poor population gets help for free. Unfortunately, this is by far not sufficient.
    We have helped several of our children to obtain an identity card indicating their degree of disability. With this card they are eligible to receive a monthly allowance of Rupees 1500 to maximum Rupees 3000 (20-40 Euro) from the local government. Unfortunately, not all who deserve it have managed to get this benefit.